If you are interested – Please Contact Charles Murray at cbm@bmdf.org or 469-475-2511 or the Sponsoring Organization.

L'viv, Ukraine - April 21-28, 2017

Sponsored by BMDF and the Ukrainian Baptist Seminary.

Needed: Two dentists, 2 dental assistants; 2 physicians, Family Practice and Pediatrician.

Cost: Approximately $850 plus airfare.

Ministry: We will be doing Dental Clinics and Medical Clinics modeling healthcare and church planting for the Seminary students. We will also do well care clinics for the students and their families.

Contact: Dr. Charles Murray - BMDF Ex. Dir. - Email: cbm@bmdf.org; Phone: 469-475-2511.

Dominican Republic - June 13-20, 2017

Sponsored by BMDF and STCHM

This is a Dental/Medical/Vision Trip to Santo Domingo and suburbs in partnership with STCHM (South Texas Children’s Home Ministries).

Needed: Four dentists needed plus dental assistants and dental hygienist; physicians needed include Family Practice, Pediatricians, OB/GYN plus nurses. Health care students are welcome!

Accommodations: We will be staying at the Quisqueana Baptist Church compound using their Dorm and Meal service. Land cost is $850 for professionals and $650 for students. Airfare will be approx. $800.

Contact: Dr. Charles Murray, Ex. Dir. BMDF - Phone: 469-475-2511 or E-mail: cbm@bmdf.org.

Yumuri Baptist Camp, Cuba - September 11-15, 2017

Sponsored by BMDF and Cuba Medico Bautista de Cuban Occidental.

Location: Yumuri Baptist Camp.

Ministry: This is not a clinic-based ministry. This is a ministry of encouragement for our brothers and sisters in Cuba.

Contact: Dr. Charles Murray - Ex. Dir. BMDF - Phone: 469-475-2511 - E-mail: cbm@bmdf.org.

Romania - September 22-30, 2016

Sponsored by BMDF and the Biruinta Baptist Church in Baia Mare, Romania.

Needed: Two Dentists, Pediatric Physician, Primary Care Physician, Two Nurses, Two Chair-side Assistants, and a Dental Hygienist.

Cost: Airline - $1,650 + In-country Cost of Approx. $800 - Total Cost approx. $2,450 (Rooms in hotels and meals in restaurants and in-country transportation included).

Ministry: Providing healthcare in rural villages that have little/no access to Physicians and Dentists. Biruinta Baptist Church has taken the results of these Clinic Days and nurtured them into 20+ churches in the last 12 years.

Contact: Dr. Charles Murray - BMDF Ex. Dir. - E-mail: cbm@bmdf.org; Phone: 469-475-2511.

Togo (West Africa) - November 2-11, 2017

Sponsored by BMDF and the Togo Baptist Convention & Seminary

Needed: Two Dentists, a Dental Hygientist, 2 Chair-side Assistants, Two Familly Physicians, a Pediatrician, a Physicial Therapist, a Pharmacist, PA, Nurse Practitioner and four Nurses to assist and to do vitals.

Dates: Departs November 2 and returns home on November 11. We will have five days of clinic.

Costs: In-country costs are $100/day (8 days) which include room board, transportation and insurance. It does not cover the cost of your passport, cost of your visa, meals while traveling or souvenirs.  Additional Costs: You will be responsible for securing your own airline ticket. Cost will vary depending on when you book the ticket. They will range from $1,900 - $2,400. BMDF will furnish you with the official flight itinerary so you can travel with the team.

Contact: Dr. Charles Murray, Ex. Dir. BMDF - 469-475-2511 or email him at cbm@bmdf.org.