If you are interested – Please Contact Charles Murray at cbm@bmdf.org or 469-475-2511 or the Sponsoring Organization.

Dominican Republic - June 13-20, 2017

Sponsored by BMDF and STCHM

This is a Dental/Medical/Vision Trip to Santo Domingo and suburbs in partnership with STCHM (South Texas Children’s Home Ministries).

Needed: Four dentists needed plus dental assistants and dental hygienist; physicians needed include Family Practice, Pediatricians, OB/GYN plus nurses. Health care students are welcome!

Accommodations: We will be staying at the Quisqueana Baptist Church compound using their Dorm and Meal service. Land cost is $850 for professionals and $650 for students. Airfare will be approx. $800.

Contact: Dr. Charles Murray, Ex. Dir. BMDF - Phone: 469-475-2511 or E-mail: cbm@bmdf.org.

Yumuri Baptist Camp, Cuba - September 11-15, 2017

Sponsored by BMDF and Cuba Medico Bautista de Cuban Occidental.

Location: Yumuri Baptist Camp.

Ministry: This is not a clinic-based ministry. This is a ministry of encouragement for our brothers and sisters in Cuba.

Contact: Dr. Charles Murray - Ex. Dir. BMDF - Phone: 469-475-2511 - E-mail: cbm@bmdf.org.

Romania - September 22-30, 2016

Sponsored by BMDF and the Biruinta Baptist Church in Baia Mare, Romania.

Needed: Two Dentists, Pediatric Physician, Primary Care Physician, Two Nurses, Two Chair-side Assistants, and a Dental Hygienist.

Cost: Airline - $1,650 + In-country Cost of Approx. $800 - Total Cost approx. $2,450 (Rooms in hotels and meals in restaurants and in-country transportation included).

Ministry: Providing healthcare in rural villages that have little/no access to Physicians and Dentists. Biruinta Baptist Church has taken the results of these Clinic Days and nurtured them into 20+ churches in the last 12 years.

Contact: Dr. Charles Murray - BMDF Ex. Dir. - E-mail: cbm@bmdf.org; Phone: 469-475-2511.

Togo (West Africa) - November 2-11, 2017

Sponsored by BMDF and the Togo Baptist Convention & Seminary

Needed: Two Dentists, a Dental Hygientist, 2 Chair-side Assistants, Two Familly Physicians, a Pediatrician, a Physicial Therapist, a Pharmacist, PA, Nurse Practitioner and four Nurses to assist and to do vitals.

Dates: Departs November 2 and returns home on November 11. We will have five days of clinic.

Costs: In-country costs are $100/day (8 days) which include room board, transportation and insurance. It does not cover the cost of your passport, cost of your visa, meals while traveling or souvenirs.  Additional Costs: You will be responsible for securing your own airline ticket. Cost will vary depending on when you book the ticket. They will range from $1,900 - $2,400. BMDF will furnish you with the official flight itinerary so you can travel with the team.

Contact: Dr. Charles Murray, Ex. Dir. BMDF - 469-475-2511 or email him at cbm@bmdf.org.