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or call Dr. Charles Murray

at 469-475-2511

to indicate your interest.)


February 4 - 7, 2019

18th Annual Meeting of CMBdeCO (Companerismo

Medico Bautista de Cuba Occidental)

Remember to pray for our Cuban

brothers and sisters.

Last year the Hurricane stalled over Cuba for days and

the meeting had to be cancelled.

This is a fellowship meeting.

No clinics are scheduled.


March 3 - 12, 2019

Charles Murray will preceed the

Medical team to Peru and teach the

Peruvian network of church planters. 

The Medical team will travel

March 3-4. The Dental/Medical/Vision

team will do clinics March 5-8.

(There will be an excursion to Machu Pichu if interested.)

Team Needed: 2 Dentists, 

2 Chair-side Assistants, 

1 Dental Hygienist, 

5 MD's, 5 Nurses.

The Vision Team is already filled.

Costs: You will need to book your own airfare, approx. $1,000. 

The team can meet in either Dallas or Lima, Peru.

Check with Dr. Murray before booking your flight.

In-country costs will be $100/day or $700. 

This is expected to be a popular trip.

Don't delay in signing up.


June 2 - 10, 2019

Charles Murray will preceed the

Medical team to Ukraine and teach the

Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary

church planters. 

The Medical team will travel

June 3-4. The Dental/Medical/Vision

team will do clinics June 5-8.

The team will be partnering with

a Ukrainian/International team

and Ukraine Med School Students.

There will be opportunities to speak

with Ukriane Med Students and faculty.

Team Needed: 4 MD's, 4 Nurses,

plus a Vision team. 

Costs: You will need to book your

own airfare, approx. $1,600. 

The team can travel from US

(Houston,TX, Newark, New Jersey

or Dulles, D.C.) and meet

together in Munich, Germany.

Check with Dr. Murray before booking your flight.

In-country costs will be $100/day or $700.  

Dominican Republic

There will be an opportunity for 2 MD's and 2 Nurses

to work with the S Tex Children's Home ministry

in Santo Domingo, D.R.    

Contact Dr. Murray if intersted.

We can work with you on the dates.

The Medical clinics will be for both children and adults.

There is a strong possibilty of doing

a 2nd Peru and a 2nd Ukraine trip

in the Sept/Oct/Nov time frame.

We have been asked to bring a

second team to both Peru

and Ukraine if possible.

If we can put togther a team,

we will pursue these optional trips.

Contact: Dr. Charles Murray, Ex. Dir. BMDF

Phone: 469-475-2511 or Email: cbm@bmdf.org