On March 9, 2024, a group of Dental students from the University of Louisville departed for a mission trip to treat patients in the country of Ecuador.  Of those students, three were BMDF members and BMDF Scholarship recipients.  Partnering with a local university, this team was a small part of a larger group that provided Medical, Dental, and eye care to members of the local population.  Yet a primary goal of this team was to reach beyond the need to provide physical care and take the opportunity to touch the spiritual aspect of their patient’s lives.  One member of the Dental team reported that this trip not only had a spiritual impact on those the team went to serve but also on the team members themselves, as the Lord allowed them to grow in their own faith and practice.  The medical team reported seeing 575 patients, the Dental team was able to treat 269 patients, and the Eye Care team saw 865 patients.  Partnering with a local church that was able not only to share the Gospel with these students but also provide follow-up discipleship, the teams were able to see 499 patients praying to receive Christ.  Again, each of these patients is being followed up by the local church.  Rejoice with these teams as they return home with the knowledge that they participated in both the physical and spiritual healing of their patients and that continued follow-up with these patients is in place.  Pray for those who accepted Christ and for those responsible for further discipleship for those the team left behind may become churches that proclaim the Glory of Jesus Christ.