Prayer Requests

C and T and their family, members of BMDF,  recently returned to the U.S. and were just settling in when a disaster in North Africa caused a lot of damage among those whom they serve.  Please lift them up as they seek to work with their friends from this North African country while they are still in the U.S.

HF(Eastern Europe) continues in her work in this war torn country.  She reports that traditionally, older doctors have been hesitant to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the younger generation for fear of competition from the younger physicians.  There is a Healthcare Christian Fellowship in this country who is working on developing mentorship programs for those who experience this issue.  HF also reports increased attacks in her city.  Lastly, she shares that even in the midst of all the difficulties, people are coming to know our Lord.  Pray for those who are discipling these new believers.

You have been praying for AA and his family as they serve in West Africa.  They were due to return mid August.  As of Sept 12, they have not been able to return and have been assigned to another hospital.  They will be heading for that hospital shortly.  Please pray for their family as they make this transition and for the country they are leaving behind in civil strife.

IMB is leading a prayer effort for the different Affinities in which many of our members serve.  You can become a part of this effort by clicking on the link:  Events – IMB, choosing an event, and registering for that event.

Pray for our leadership as a new year is quickly approaching.  New officers need to be elected, a budget for 2024 needs to be set, mentors are needed,  and volunteers are needed to help fill these positions.  Would you ask God how you might be able to fill in? Please pray for the Board of Directors as we meet together (Zoom) on Sept. 28

In Late August I received an email from a couple serving in the Pac Rim.  They had been led to believe that their visas would be renewed and yet two days before the end date of the visa, they were told that their visas would not be renewed.  Within 48 hours they had to pack up and leave the country.  This is more common that we sometimes think.  It leads to disruption, discouragement, and disappointment.  Yet we know who is behind this.  Please lift up this couple and the many others who face this issue.  Lift up those in authority of the countries where these people serve, that God would cause them to act favorably on visa and platform issues.

On September 16,  I heard from AD who has returned from a Hands On adventure in Europe (6 plus months).  She is currently enrolled in Seminary and the transition has been very difficult.  She is taking a full load 9graduate studies), holds two jobs, and has two grandparents who are positive for Covid.  As her parents are serving overseas, she is feeling responsible to making sure her grandparent’s needs are being met.   Serving on the field always has it challenges.  One of the leading causes for missionaries to come home is to care for aging parents.  As you pray for AD and her current situation, also lift up those missionaries who are dealing with caring for their aging parents overseas.

Sept 16.  Over that past several weeks we have been praying for JC and his family as they seemed to be under attack from Satan with illnesses and other issues.  Thank you for praying for them.  They are back in the saddle and their ministry is very active.  Please remember them with the many different facets of ministry they face  (recently did a two hour seminar for one of the Baptist University P.A. schools) and are working with several different people ont the ground.  This couple does a lot of work with Trauma Healing and is teaching others to do this.  Remember them as they serve our Lord in Europe.

In Acts 16: 16-20, we find Paul and Silas healing a young lady.  The story goes on to tell about those who profited from this lady’s illness and how they turned the crowd against Paul and Silas.  This continues to happen today.  Recently, an email came to me from a young couple serving in the PacRim where they were challenged by local health officials and a couple of businessmen who were losing money due to their ministry.  Pray that God would step in an give them strength and grace to persevere in this time of trial.

Praise God for the great IMB Med Advance meeting that concluded on August 5 in Brentwood, TN.  Approximately 350 were registered for the conference and on the last night, a great host of folks responded to further involvement in healthcare missions including praying for missions, going on a short term trip, and serving for long term.  Ask for God’s guidance to those who made these decisions and that His Glory will be shown through those decisions.

Bob returned from Birmingham and several locations are considering hosting our 2024 Annual meeting.  Please be in earnest prayer as a deadline to get a venue is quickly approaching.  Also pray as we begin seeking program speakers for this meeting, that God would lift up the right persons for the time that we are together.  Please continue to be praying for this. As of sept 18, we still have not been able to wrap up a venue.

You have been praying for the five healthcare students from the Nashville area who returned on Aug. 4 from their trip to Latin America.  Take time to read their testimonies on the testimony page of this website.  Several teams have been out this summer.  One recurring prayer request from the teams has been that we pray for the seed that was spread.  Local church pastors and church members will continue to follow up with those who made significant spiritual decisions.  Pray also for those who will be discipling those who made decisions to follow Christ during these mission trips.

AF is asking for special prayer as she visits friends in an area located in Eastern Europe with a lot of political conflict.  This is a very difficult area to travel in.  Please lift her up as she makes this journey to walk alongside a friend who is ministering to women.

Satan loves to cause havoc among missionary families.  I just recently read about a couple serving overseas in which a father back home had just had a heart attack.  Unfortunately,  this is a reoccuring thing among the missions community.  Please pray for the families living in the U.S. as their health can have an impact on mission service.  Please pray especially, for those missionaries as they seek God’s direction in how to respond to these emergencies.  It is always a difficult decision.