Prayer Requests

Jan. 3, 2024.  I have recently (within the last 24 hours) received two requests of this nature from Ukraine. ” Ukraine is currently facing a severe crisis as Russian missiles and drones launched a large-scall attack on Kyiv and other cities.  The situation is dire, and we urgently request your prayers for the people of Ukraine.  The attack involved powerful weapons, including hypersonic missiles flying at several times the speed of sound.  The barrage resulted in casualties, injuries, and significant damage.”. Prayer requests:

  1.  Pray for the familiies who have lost loved ones and those who are injured, that them may find comfort and healthing.
  2. Pray for protection for the vulnerable and wisdom for leadersin handling this war.
  3. Pray for the restoration of essential services, including power and medical facilities, in the affected areas.



November 21.  To someone serving our Lord overseas, life is full of adjustments.  Many are small and many are quite large.  Imagine having a steady job and income, giving it up, and saying, OK Lord, I’m yours.  And then you find yourself in orientation preparing to go to the Field.  While the personnel on the field are doing their best to prepare for your coming, the anticipation for what is coming grows.  LP is currently preparing to serve overseas.  She is in her period of field orientation and has many questions and concerns.  For those who have been self- reliant for years, this can be a difficult period.  She is not the only one facing this challenge.  She is walking alongside many others in her group undergoing the same concerns.  Yet even as this transition seems daunting, LP, like many who have gone before her, asks today that we not only lift up those she is going to serve, but that we look around our sphere of influence, and ask who we might tell about Jesus. As this holiday season approaches, pray for LP and others as they prepare to take to Gospel to the world.  Ask God to connect us to someone around us who needs to hear the story of Saving Grace through Jesus Christ.

November 9.  LS is a physician who was appointed last year and is attending language school in France before moving on to West Africa.  The Lord has brought many friends into her life as she prepares to be able to practice and share her faith in French.  Pray for LS as the holidays away from family for the first time are always difficult for those new on the field.  Pray also as she weathers this time of transition in France.  She has met a lot of new folks, but will be leaving them in the future to begin the work the Lord has set her apart for in West Africa.  

HF(Eastern Europe) continues in her work in this war torn country.  She reports that traditionally, older doctors have been hesitant to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the younger generation for fear of competition from the younger physicians.  There is a Healthcare Christian Fellowship in this country who is working on developing mentorship programs for those who experience this issue.  HF also reports increased attacks in her city.  Lastly, she shares that even in the midst of all the difficulties, people are coming to know our Lord.  Pray for those who are discipling these new believers.

Jan. 3, 2024;  I have friends on both sides of the conflict currently going on in both Israel and Gaza.  Please pray for the innocents on both sides who are suffering during these difficult times and that peace will truly come soon to this area.  

December 5, 2023.  Getting a call that a loved one has passed away is difficult at any time.  Having to deal with this from a distance, many times working in an area that doesn’t even want you to be there, can be disheartening.  I have two close friends who recently lost their son in an automobile accident.  Fortunately (for lack of a better word), they were in the U.S. when it happened.  However, they will soon be returning back to the field, leaving behind family who are still dealing with this tragedy.  Please pray for our missionary families as they deal with the illnesses and deaths of loved ones, especially when they can’t be near to minister to those they have left behind in the U.S.

C and T and their family, members of BMDF,  recently returned to the U.S. and were just settling in when a disaster in North Africa caused a lot of damage among those whom they serve.  Please lift them up as they seek to work with their friends from this North African country while they are still in the U.S.

November update.  AF worked in an Baptist Hospital in West Africa several years ago.  Recently she has returned to her war torn country to visit friends and family and assist in any way she could.  We recently received word that she is returning to the West African hospital.  Please remember her in this time of transition and especially for her family she is leaving behind in Eastern Europe.

Dec. 5, 2023.  PTL. You have been praying for AA and his family as they serve in West Africa.  They were due to return mid August.  As of Sept 12, they have not been able to return and have been assigned to another hospital.  On Nov. 28,  I received news that they would be returning to their home country the next day.  Thank you for lifting this family up.  Please continue to be in prayer for them as they return home.

January 3, 2024.  Happy New Year.  As a new year starts, preparation is already underway for our Annual meeting Feb. 29-Mar 2, 2024, in Birmingham, AL.  Please pray for those who are participating in the program, as well as those who are considering attending. Many people have expressed support for BMDF.  I am praying that I will be able to meet many of you personally during this annual meeting.  Bob

December 5, 2023.  Christmas and Easter generally provide the best opportunities for those living overseas to share their faith.  People everywhere want to know what Christmas all is about.  Please pray not only for our missionaries, but for each of ourselves, as we have the opportunities this Christmas Season to share why Christmas is so special.

Nov.  Please pray for the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors as they work on the 2024 budget and review our By Laws and Policies.

November 9, 2023. In Late August I received an email from a couple serving in the Pac Rim.  They had been led to believe that their visas would be renewed and yet two days before the end date of the visa, they were told that their visas would not be renewed.  Unfortunately, they were not able to get their visas renewed and have returned to the U.S. while waiting to see if the Lord will open the door for them to return to the country where they have been faithfully serving.  Please be in prayer for them as the transition to life in the U.S. but also for a change in the hearts of their countries officials that will allow them to return to the people they love.

On September 16,  I heard from AD who has returned from a Hands On adventure in Europe (6 plus months).  She is currently enrolled in Seminary and the transition has been very difficult.  She is taking a full load 9graduate studies), holds two jobs, and has two grandparents who are positive for Covid.  As her parents are serving overseas, she is feeling responsible to making sure her grandparent’s needs are being met.   Serving on the field always has it challenges.  One of the leading causes for missionaries to come home is to care for aging parents.  As you pray for AD and her current situation, also lift up those missionaries who are dealing with caring for their aging parents overseas.

October 9.  As we continue to pray for JC and his family, we are reminded that even as busy as life becomes while serving overseas, our families play an important role in our ministry.  While JC’s family has been fighting a couple of different illnesses including a lice infestation,  they continue on serving.  A reminder that Satin will continue to throw things at us but we must continue the fight.  As you pray today,  thank God for families who serve.  The children many times, open up great doors of opportunity to share the Gospel.

Late October.  BM serves in Central Asia.  I always love to read the prayer updates sent by this missionary in that they are full of prayer requests for many of those she ministers to and her desire to see each of them in close relationship to our Lord.  Recently, BM returned to the U.S. to help her parents.  Before leaving, she began work on permission to continue her work in the rural areas of her counry  (this happens frequently).  Please lift this process up so that when she returns,  she will once again be able to minister to those people she holds dear.

November.  Over and over, I receive prayer updates from families who are having trouble getting their visas renewed to continue their work in their respective countries.  While we know that God is in control of all things, we also know that Satan does everything he can to put a wrench into the works to wreck it. Several of our missionary members are facing visa or work permit issues as I write.  Please pray for them that even though this can cause uneasiness in their family lives, that God would provide that Peace that will see them through these difficult times.  Again, please pray for those government officials who give the visas and work permits a heart to see that the needs of the people they serve can be partially met by those willing to come from abroad and share their skills.

Nov. 9.  Please be in prayer for our upcoming Annual meeting Feb. 29 – March 2 in Birmingham, AL.  Pray that God’s name will be glorified and that we will have a great group to attend.  I am hoping for a minimum of 50.  Would you pray that even more may join us.