Medical Christian Fellowship’s Summer Medical Institute to Managua, Nicaragua will allow healthcare providers and healthcare students to glorify God by sharing the gospel of Christ by conducting medical clinics an outreach of Nicaraguan local churches. We will develop biblical relationships between health care students and faculty, increase our personal understanding of the gospel, learn to share the gospel in a health care setting, and encourage/be encouraged by missionaries. This trip is being staffed by members of the Nashville Chapter of Medical Christian Fellowship and Intervarsity. Five of the students from this trip received BMDF scholarships.

The goal of this trip was to train medical and student nurses to take histories, do exams, and incorporate one’s faith into their practice.  This team was able to walk alongside two local churches, able to see approximately 500 patients, help with a church service, and participate in a children’s ministry.  The hosting pastors reported that the work of this team opened many doors through their spiritual encouragement.  Many opportunities were opened for significant spiritual decisions.