Update from the Director –  June 6, 2024  –  A summer/fall full of Mission Trips

A call to Pray

A season of mission trips is upon us and we have a significant role to play.  Some have recently been completed, some are in full swing, and others are still coming up.  PRAYER is essential to all these mission trips.  Below is a list of trips on the slate for this time of year. Hopefully, I will be able to have reports from these mission trips on the BMDF website shortly.

Trips since March 2024 that have been completed.

  1. University of Louisville School of Dentistry. Trip to Loja, Ecuador, March 8-17.  3 scholarship students participated in this trip.
  2. University of Oklahoma, School of Dentistry/Hygiene. Trip to Urayli River, Peru, March 16-24. 1 scholarship student participated in this trip
  3. University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry. Trip to Yucatan, Mexico, May 25 – June 1, 2024.  3 scholarship students
  4. Send Relief: Armenia: A trip sponsored by Send Relief.  Of the 34 Healthcare volunteers, 10 of them are active BMDF members with one new member joining the day after our return.
  5. National University School of Nursing (California) Nicaragua. March 8-17.  One scholarship student participated in this trip
  6. of MS Med Center. Dominican Republic (OT/PT programs); Mar 10-16.  Four scholarship students participated in this trip
  7. of MS Med Center, Nicaragua, May 25 – June 1: One Med Student member participated in this trip

Trips that are currently ongoing: 

  1. New Orleans Baptist Seminary:  Trip to Turin, Italy.  A counseling student/BMDF member/scholarship recipient will be serving with the IMB from May – July.
  2. University of Tennessee: A U.T. Pre-med student/BMDF member/scholarship recipient is engaged with an IMB healthcare team in Guatemala from May – June 17, 2024
  3. Texas Tech School of Medicine:  One Med Student scholarship recipient is on a team headed by BMDF Board member, Randy Oliver as they serve in Mexico from June 1 – June 8.

Upcoming trips: 

  1. FBC, Mt. Pleasant, TX: June 14 – 22.  Led by Board member/Sec/Treasurer Bil Barkley with several BMDF members, this is a huge group that goes each year to this location.
  2. Christ Health Resident/BMDF member/scholarship recipient and another BMDF member will be serving in Peru from June 30-July 9
  3. Christian Medical Fellowship/Nashville: 2 BMDF members/scholarship recipients will be serving in Nicaragua from Aug. 3 -11
  4. North Greenville University: 1 P.A. student/BMDF member/scholarship applicant will be serving in Nicaragua from Sept 21- Sept 28.
  5. Southeastern Baptist Seminary: 1 counseling student/BMDF member/ scholarship applicant will be serving Sept 21 through November 11 on an IMB project in the U.K.
  6. BMDF/Your Mission Matters trip to Peru 22 – 30, 2024.  Dr. Randy Oliver will be leading this trip.  Additional information to come.
  7. A recent BSN grad/student member will be working in South Asia from Aug. 23- Sept. 1.

Would you join us in praying that God would be at work in the following ways?

  1. For those trips that have been completed,
    1. would you pray for those local believers/church members who are doing follow-up would be helpful in discipling those who made decisions to follow Christ.
    2. That the seed of God’s Word which was planted, may still take root in the lives of those who these teams ministered to.
    3. That those volunteers participating in these trips will realize that the skills God has given can, over their lifetime, be utilized for His glory and Kingdom Work.
  2. For those now serving,
    1. please pray that they would have a spirit of discernment and be able to recognize those individuals they are serving and with whom the Holy Spirit is working.
    2. For flexibility
    3. For good health
    4. For safe return.
    5. For Kingdom impact and His glory.


  1. For those going out later in the Year
    1. Spiritual preparation
    2. Logistical preparation
    3. God’s preparation in the hearts of those they are going to serve.
    4. Flexibility
    5. Safe travels/good connections