After several delays, we are happy to announce that our Registration Website is now open. We know that many of you have been waiting for the opportunity to register and the time has come to do so. Unfortunately, with our late start, that gives us less time to register. We will close the registration on April 5 in order to complete the logistical arrangements at the International Learning Center and therefore remind you to keep that date in mind and not delay in registering.

How Do I register?

Begin by going to the the Annual Meeting page of this website.

Before progressing, please note the “Important Notice” right under the Big Blue box. I have shared this in previous emails but want to make sure everyone understands. In order to stay overnight at the Learning Center, all guests must have a background check. In the important notice, there is a link you can check to help you obtain that background check. The cost is $26 per person. Each person must have the background check in order to stay on the compound at night.

As you scroll down the page, you can find out General information about the conference, our featured presenters, a copy of the program, and finally, the Registration Section. You can also go directly to the Registration section by clicking on words “Registration Form” located in the Big Blue Box when you first land on this page.

In the registration section, you have to make one of two choices. Most of us will choose the “Member/Spouse Registration section.” Just click on that. Please check and complete each box that applies to you. At the end of the registration, you will be given the opportunity to pay by Credit Card.

If you are a student who is seeking one of the limited scholarships we are offering, you will click on the “student Scholarship Registration”. Once I receive your registration form, I will contact you. If you are a student who will only attend the Banquet on Saturday Evening, please contact me so that I can make sure your name is on our list.

Let me thank each of you for your patience. Putting this registration together has been a truly learning experience. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact me either by email or by phone 662-710-5661. I am in the Central Time Zone.

Again, let me just say thank you for your prayers and patience. I do hope to meet many of you in Richmond and am also hopeful that you might be able to persuade healthcare colleagues or healthcare students from among your acquaintances to join us.


Robert (Bob) Thomas

Executive Director

Baptist Medical Dental Fellowship