In the latter part of September and first week in October, a medical team of fourteen healthcare professionals and students visited the Middle East and were able to utilize the healthcare skills God has given them for His Glory.  Two of the team members were BMDF Scholarship recipients.  The country they visited, and the patients they saw, were a mixture of both Christian and Muslim.  During the trip, this team was able to see over 500 patients and gave away over 300 pounds of medications.  They were able to distribute copies of God’s Word and saw several people pray to receive Jesus.  One of the scholarship students writes, “ We were able to provide education on nutrition for children; exercises/stretches for joint pain; medication for diabetes, Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hypothyroidism as well as many more diseases.  Most importantly, we were able to share the hope of the Gospel to so many hurting people”.  When asked what problems the team encountered on the trip, they reported, “ Malnutrition, poverty, and grief”