On July 16, 2023, a group of 25 people, including 5 physicians, a pharmacist, five nurses, two nursing students, two occupational therapists, a nurse practitioner, volunteers to help in the eye clinic, a volunteer to work with hospital and university staffs on their computer system needs, and several translators, arrived in Asunción Paraguay to begin a week long series of mobile medical clinics. This trip, working under the guidance of the Paraguay Baptist Medical Center Foundation in Paraguay included 6 members of BMDF (Baptist Medical Dental Fellowship) and 4 members of BNF (Baptist Nursing Fellowship). This team, working alongside groups of medical students and medical residents from the Central Baptist Medical University, also included chaplains from the Paraguay Baptist Medical Center. Mobile clinics were held in four locations, the farthest away being approximately 120 miles from Asunción plus, a free clinic was held for the hospital staff on our last day.

On Monday evening, July 17, I was invited to be a part of the BNF presentation at the school of nursing where I was able to talk about helping to meet the spiritual needs of patients. I was able to share my testimony and experiences as well as the pathway to a true, spiritual path to salvation utilizing the book of Romans.

Although a final report has not been received as of Aug. 1, 2023, the following has been reported. In a total of 5 clinics (including the hotel staff clinic):

Patients seen = 952

Optometric visits = at least 160. The majority of the patients received either reading glasses or glasses for long distance.

Significant Spiritual Conversations: At least 230 (conversations included professions of faith, rededications, and counseling with the Chaplains)

During our visit, I was able to talk with Dr. O’Campos (the hospital director); Dr. Rodriguez (the Head of the Family Practice service, and Leonardo Alvarez, the Director of the Baptist Medical Center University to talk about how BMDF might partner with this group in the future. Dr. Tom Hicks visited a few weeks before I did and we are in agreement that if possible, any volunteers for this location will be filtered through the IMB Go Method process. We discussed this plan with the Paraguayan team mentioned above.