Scholarship recipient June, 2023

Excerpt from email received June 5, 2024

“As this was my first major mission trip, it was very impactful on my life. While this is probably a common sentiment after going on one of these trips, I would very much like to serve at this location or one similar in the coming years.  I realized what kind of care can be done in these remote locations without all of the more “luxury” services we can routinely provide in the U.S.  I am so incredibly thankful for everyone involved in BMDF that allowed me to go on this trip without increasing my debt even more that it already has been with my education costs.  This organization is one that I did not even know about before I committed to going on the mission trip, but it made the process so much better for me and my peers.  I look forward to to staying tuned into what BMDF is doing in the future and plan on becoming a member as a young dentist” (PP)